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Do you see what I see?

In the account of Elisha and his servant Gehazi, when they were surrounded by a great army... Gehazi responded in UNREST because he didn't perceive what couldn't be seen in the VISIBLE REALM, Elisha responded in REST because he did perceive what could be seen in the INVISIBLE REALM...Basically this was Elisha's prayer for Gehazi..."Lord show him that your Kingdom is more REAL than anything we can see, touch, taste, or feel...." And then his EYES WERE OPENED, and he SAW the Horses and Chariots of Fire sent from God...and What do you know...ELIJAH PRAYED, AND THE EYES OF THEIR ENEMIES WERE BLINDED... OHHHH GLORYYYY (see 2 Kings 6:15-18)

People of God, it is mandatory that we Shift into His Rest! It enables us to see so much more than can be seen in the Visible Realm...There is more that is for you than there is that is against you... I pray that this Reality become Actualized with OPEN EYES in Jesus Rest... much love

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