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As you read through the contents of this book, you will discover that The Conductor composes, directs, interprets, infuses and amplifies chosen songs, sounds and sound bytes with the necessary light to empower and guide our souls. These creative bodies of work I will reverently call The Song of the Lord. It is the Conductor and the Song that I magnify, not the players or human interpreters of those songs. It is important to make that distinction because we are habitually drawn to human expression, beautiful as it may be. Especially in this age of radio/media advancement, and audio/video production. All we need to do to tap into a wonderful variety of spiritual songs is to tune into YouTube or our favorite Christian radio station. This is because for most of us, it is the only way that we can hear; we have been trained to hear His songs from the outside in. (From the voice of an anointed intermediary, Worship Leader, Psalmist etc.) Often, this is a most refreshing and awe inspiring engagement. Some of our worship leaders are so very yielded to The Conductor that they engage heaven and manifest glory as they worship. And while this is a wonderful thing, I do not believe that this is the full outworking of God’s desire for His people in the call to True Worship, but rather a bridge to something further. For many years we have experienced that “something further”, “something more”; and yes, I do sincerely believe that the Father desires to again manifest the 24 Hour worship pattern established during David’s reign as King of Israel. But, not by the erecting of another earthly tent, or by establishing an ongoing rotation of worship teams. No, this time we are to be lifted into the Holy Place, where worship never ceases (at the Throne of God). This will begin by the full surrendering and sanctifying of every yielded heart to The Conductor within. Even now, there are a people who are being Conducted from the inside out, hearing the Song of the Lord within. As the Conductor primes the inner halls of the heart with Glory, and births True Worship in the Temple, He builds The Worship Altar within.

THE CONDUCTOR: A Prophetic Guide to the Song of the Lord

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