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When Kingdom Truth is given to us, we are admonished to take heed, to pay attention, as when a match is struck in a dark room. In the very same way, God is turning up the Light within us! We must look to the Light with joyous expectation, anticipating the dawning of the day (the banishing of all darkness), and the Day Star arising and enthroning our hearts. The Apostolic Almanac is full of empowering light, and is served up specifically for Leaders within the Body of Christ, though all can benefit immensely! You will be challenged to the depths of your being to appropriate and apprehend that for which you were apprehended by Christ Jesus; to abandon the status quo, and attain every heavenly benefit, and adorning. This book is tailor made to move the Church out of obscurity, and way beyond relevance, into it's Kingdom Destiny. This preparation is not for the faint of heart, it will require the development of IRONMEN; those who submit to rigorous training and discipline! The Treasures of the deep await you. Without question, if you are a Leader in the Body of Christ, this is one of the most important books you will ever read. Just lay back, settle in, and let it minister to you.


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