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Individual Testimonies & Praise Reports

A major breakthrough

May 24, 2014

by Doreen Espeseth


I was blessed to be at the Mustard Seed on a Friday night and there were at least 8 other saints that had attended. The Holy Spirit moved me to share with Pastor Richard an incident that happened about a year and a half ago.

          I am a missionary and a retired missionary had told me that if I decided to not go to the mission field and she insinuated that something bad would happen to me. She gave examples of other people that she had known; one decided not to go to the field and chose marriage instead and how her marriage was not good.

I was supposed to go to Colombia last summer, yet did not feel led to go to serve there. The Director of missionaries said to me, that if the Lord was not leading me there, that i should not go. Yet in the back of my mind I was remembering what the retired missionary had told me. I was wondering did God punish me? As I have lost my speech. That was faulty thinking. Once we uncovered this faulty thinking (remember how renewing your mind is so important), I had people praying over me and breaking this lie, and Pastor Richard also prayed for me and Pastor Estelle also.

I cannot tell you the peace that I felt over this breakthrough. I felt like a whole load had been taken off my shoulders. Remember, from Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you and you can hold your peace.

Wow, that peace was indescribable! When you have it, you don't want to let go of it. I have had it ever since and I know that both Pastor Richard and Pastor Estelle enabled me to have that peace.

            Also, the following week I learned the cause of my speech issue and a test that had been ignored at the primary doctors office was revealed and it showed that I was positive for lyme disease, having 2 other bacteria that was transferred from the deer tick to me.

           If you have any health issues, please go to the Masters Table, because I have experienced firsthand that they will enable you to be healed and they are very gifted in that arena. I cannot thank them enough for this breakthrough. Praise God for he is Jehovah Ratha and He is for you!!

          Thank you Pastor Richard and Pastor Estelle. I love you both!

God Protected Me

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I was going out to visit a friend. As I approached my truck to unlock the driver's door, I slipped and fell hard, on some ice.I immediately called on the Lord that nothing would be broken.I stayed on my back, in the snow, hoping my neighbor or a passerby would see me.I was shaken up a lot and that is why I just lay there for a period.I finally got up and praise God, I only was left shaken and with some sore muscles but NO broken bones.


Linda Kosinski-Maynard

God is Moving

February 1, 2014

When I opened up the web site and saw the meeting places I was like..."only God"...Marcel and I were thrilled when The Mustard Seed became a Meeting Place right here in our town of Glastonbury. A month ago, the  knowledge of the "Y" and the "LYCEUM" being the " for sure" Master's Table's Places of worship, was kept secret in the heart of God. WOW! So much can happen in such a short time. What have YOU been praying for that is right now being held secret in the heart of God?...Be ready... To God be the glory! 

First DAY of the PASSION PROJECT was Beautiful

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Noemi, Jose, Evette and Myself formed the first team to be sent to Albany Ave. to Kick off the PASSION Project....An OUTSIDE IN CHURCH STRATEGY....WE spent 70% of our time going out and loving the people of the community, and 30% in prayer and intercession....Many were ministered to on the streets, some were broken, some were dealers, some were users, some were believers, some were just cold (29 degrees)... all were loved. The response was great...even the dealers came to tears...Only the Love of JESUS!!!..We will not change our objective, we are sent there to love them, and draw them by love...The Harvest is GREAT! The Laborers are FEW...Only sincere laborers wanted. Can't wait 'til next week! Please pray for us...


Thank you Jesus 

Richard Taylor E-mail

God is a Healer

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Praise: On Sunday, February 23, there were two major testimonies of Healing.


Sue... Told us how she had suffered a heart attack during the week and was in the Hospital for most of the week. She was at our Sunday Worship!Praise God from whom all blessings flow. ( I just read that 1 in 3 women die from heart disease)Thank God he spared Sue's life.


Kevin... Was at our service as well. He is in rehab right now. He is a diabetic and suffered a stroke. He told us the Drs. never expected him to walk or talk ...which he did at our service. He showed me his abdomen and the place where a feeding tube was before. He ate lunch with us. He told me that if he ever doubted God before, he could not doubt him anymore.


Linda Maynard

Dorothy Espeseth Improving

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Mom is 85 years old and several years ago we noticed that she was having some difficulty with dates and numbers and names. We started to pray on WWCTP for her approximately 9 months ago and one of the prayers was that she would not have too many medications. She has been taken off several of her medications. The power of Jehovah Ratha is showing powerfully, as each day she continues to improve.


Doreen Espeseth

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